Goodday mate

I'm a walking travesty.
Anonymous asked: do you have any tips for warped tour??


First of all, you are going to have the time of your life seriously it’s all I think about.

But the biggest tip I have is wear sunscreen and drink water. Get food in between sets. Take care of yourself so you can see all the bands you want. Know your boundaries if you can’t handle the pit don’t go in it. Check their booths to see when you can meet the bands and when their signings are. And if you have two bands at the same time go to half and half don’t pick just one :) if you have specific questions message me again :) xx

Anonymous asked: you're beautiful inside and out :)


I’m really not. I’m kinda shitty

sexual orientation:brendon urie singing frank sinatra

Brendon Urie has got me so moist and unstable right now. Holy. fuck.

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