Goodday mate

Hemmings...Luke Hemmings. (roleplay) I'm a walking travesty





Today is Earth Day so I would like to thank the Earth for blessing the Earth with the gift of Niall Horan

and Zayn Malik

and Louis Tomlinson

and Harry Styles

And Liam Payne

Judge my tattoo one more time.

Kill me. I just want to cry and jump off a bridge.

Anonymous asked: Frick frack with the drummer boy


Anytime. My body’s ready.

Anonymous asked: I hope you and Josh get it on at your concert


AT the concert that’ll be a sight.

Anonymous asked: I hope you meet Josh at your concert you deserve it. You should hug your fave forever. He will absolutely adore you. Even though he clearly already does via direct messages


I’m heart eyes I’m crying I’m blushing I’m smiling like a fuck at my phone. Stop it at once.

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